Steve & Adrienne Alexander

We’ve been working with Gregor Homes to build our ‘forever house’ in Barrie. Throughout the process, Gregor has been excellent to work with. Our previous home was also a new build, but with a larger subdivision builder where the process was strict, limiting and impersonal. This is not the case with Gregor.

They persevered through a multitude of change requests to our semi-custom floor plan–a process which lasted six weeks and resulted in five revisions to the en-suite bathroom at our request. Communication has been stellar through email, phone and in person. They have been quick to respond to our inquiries and always providing a thorough explanation of requirements. We have been given access to the house whenever we need it, offered a multitude of design options through various suppliers and been able to bring in some of our own fixtures. This has allowed us to build a truly custom home that doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter subdivision home.

We knew that building our home would present challenges and that issues would likely arise. However, only a few issues have come up throughout the process. Most importantly, Gregor has promptly acted to rectify any issues to our satisfaction. In our minds, this is a sign of true professionals. Yes, mistakes will happen, but how the builder acts upon them is key. We have not been disappointed with Gregor in this regard.

Lastly, we must note that the contractors Gregor works with are pleasant, accommodating and thorough. It has made our frequent visits to the site enjoyable and we are now on a first name basis with many of the contractors. Plus, they do excellent and professional work. Anyone who has seen our home, including family and friends who are also in the contracting business, have commented on the quality of Gregor’s workmanship.

We have been proud to tell people we are building a Gregor home and look forward to many years in our ‘forever house’.