Home improvement shows, don’t show reality. Really!

Back in the early 90’s, the only show on TV that had anything to do with home renovations was “Tool Time with Tim-The-Tool-Man Taylor”, for you millennials, you can You-Tube it. It was a series about a guy who had a TV show about “so-called” renovations. That show was one of my favourites. It was a comedy and who doesn’t love a comedy?

Before Tim Taylor, there was nothing remotely close to a home renovation show on television.

Today however, we are easily entertained by a myriad of different TV programs on HGTV and many other networks, based on home renovations and design.

Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, not to mention the vast number of flip-it shows.

For the most part, these reality shows are not reality. Far from it.

Houses don’t get built in half an hour including commercials. Renovations take time with permits, architect drawings and inspections. Lowes or Home Depot doesn’t sponsor and subsidize building materials for real contractors. The cost of homes, materials and labour vary greatly all-over North America and the world.

Windows, doors and finishing’s sometimes have to be ordered, which in reality, can take weeks to arrive, sometimes months, depending on whether it’s a special order. These orders can’t be sourced out over the duration of a commercial.  You get the idea!

The point is, don’t be misled by what you see from production companies and TV shows. They don’t truly display the agonizing hours of work, the clouds of dust and the time it takes to complete a job correctly.

Be realistic. Use a contractor that is not only qualified, but honest regarding the amount of time and the amount of money actually needed to complete your dream renovation, addition or new build.

Use your TV for what it is meant for… entertainment.

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