Buying/selling a home with renovations already done? Be aware!

Taking on a small do-it-yourself renovation or deck project can not only save you money, but can be fun and rewarding.

Let me use a new deck as an example.  All you need is a simple plan, an approved building permit, some good friends or neighbours with tools and plans for a big BBQ party with those who helped at the end, right?

Not so simple!

About that permit, I encourage anyone taking on their own project to obtain a building permit if one is required. If you don’t, it can bite you in the you know where later.

If you were to have to sell your home, and at the 11th hour, it was discovered that work done to the house didn’t have a permit, it can cause a real estate deal to fall apart. Not only that, but the process is there primarily, to ensure that projects like a deck, are safe and durable.

So, what is my point?

When purchasing items like a railing system for example, from a Big Box Store, not all the railings are approved to be used in Ontario, and were probably imported from the U.S.

All building products in Ontario require a BCIN, Building Code Identification Number.

So, if you buy and install a railing without such a number, and you call for your final inspection the day after the BBQ, it may in fact, fail inspection, causing much additional cost and time to your do-it-yourself project.

When buying a home with major work done to it, always ask if those renovations were permitted and inspected. When selling a home with renovations, have your paper work ready to show that the work was done properly and has passed inspection.  These details can make a big difference to the asking price of the home and its sale-ability.

Doing it yourself can be rewarding, but doing it correctly is what matters most.

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