6 Questions to Ask, Prior to Considering an Addition to your Home.

We get a lot of calls from potential clients who want an addition to their home. Adding new space to your home is a great option for homeowners who need more room, but don’t want to move. There are however, some things to ask yourself and doing some research before deciding.

  1. Do I have enough room on my lot? Every municipality has restrictions as to how close you can be to property lines and how much lot you can cover with building. Contact your municipality to understand what the rules are.
  2. Is there enough capacity in my existing hydro service?
  3. Can I relocate the location of my driveway?
  4. How much of my front or side yard can I consume with driveway and parking?
  5. Do I fall under any Conservation Authority regulations and will a permit from them be required?
  6. With the existing house brick veneer or siding veneer, can it still be matched?

Answers to these questions are an important step in deciding whether an addition to your home is feasible.



1 thought on “6 Questions to Ask, Prior to Considering an Addition to your Home.”

  1. Matching the existing veneer and siding is a lesson I learned when recently hiring a roofing contractor. Very important step to keep in mind. Metal or stone siding can be put in by professionals no problem, but the materials may take a while to look in to.
    Thanks for the post! Keep on writing we all appreciate you educating us!

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